What we offer

We provide services to young people who find themselves in moments or
periods of crisis in their lives. We offer a wrap-around provision has a rapid
and sustainable impact on each young person’s wellbeing and on their ability
to take ownership of their own positive pathways moving forwards. Music is
our main pathway to engagement as young people can express themselves,
talk about the topics that they are normally excluded from and take
ownership of their own futures.

Delivery team

Our team is comprised of an experienced and multi-skilled group of youth workers. This includes, but is not limited to:


Each young person will have access to a named mentor who they will stay in touch with throughout, and after, their time on the plan. They may
also spend time working with other mentors while with us, as particular expertise is shared across our team. Our mentors are fully trained in youth work,
safeguarding and in trauma-informed support.

Music producers

We work with a number of successful, practising music producers and artists. They have worked with many big names in music and are adept at sharing their skills, expertise and know the significant influence music can have on young people.

Knife crime

Knife crime has been a serious problem in our communities for a long time, and never more so than now.
This has been exacerbated in recent years by massive increases in deprivation, lack of funding in vital services, increased cycle of fear amongst young
people for their own safety. Our experienced team have worked with countless young people who have been in this situation and come out the other side.

Fitness coaching

We believe that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. We want to help young people to overcome the adverse disadvantages they face which have an impact on their wellbeing. When young people take part in martial arts and other physical training with us it has a significant impact on their engagement in the rest of the work, and has multiple additional positive side effects as well.

Financial education

Many young people are put off numeracy at an early age, due to a negative experience of school. Yet, they are interested in the world of business and trading. We capitalise on this interest to teach core skills which are transferable in many future jobs, while building confidence and an awareness of marketplaces

Employment coaching

Our ultimate goal is that all young people get to a place where they can become independent, get back on track with school and
eventually find meaningful employment. As part of the goal-setting each young person will determine their interests and be given support to learn about
the skills and qualifications they require to actualise their goals in the future.

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